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League of Legends Custom Builds (LCB) is a cross-platform Java application for the game League of Legends, allowing you to define for each champion, a list of predefined custom builds.
It is then possible to select the build that will be displayed in the "Recommended" section of the Shop menu during a game.

recommended items

LCB allows you to create an unlimited number of custom builds (CB) and to choose the one to display, regarding the chosen champion. LCB's goal is to simplify the item buying process, avoiding the user a waste of time in the shop menu (in addition of being a nice way to keep track of the different builds tested for each champion).

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Version 1.3.0 - release date: 05/12/2012

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The build is now created, and will be displayed in the list, for the previously selected champion.
IMPORTANT: Always manually save, for each client, every change performed! It will synchronize LCB and your LoL client's data.

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SmartCast Switcher

yellow frame = smartcast, red frame = self+smartcast

SmartCast Switcher is a tool that allows you to change the way each of a champion's skills is used : (For those who don't know what all this means, first take a look at this wiki page where you will find explanation about smartcasts)

• For each champion you can define which skills should be normally casted, smartcasted or self+smartcasted.
By clicking on a champion's picture, you will enable his configuration in the game.
Basically, once you have selected your champion in game, open up SmartCast Switcher and enable this champion's configuration (do not forget to save to apply your changes).

• All champions that have some of their skills configured will be displayed with a gray frame around their picture.
The champion whose configuration is activated will have a yellow frame instead.
champions view
By right-clicking on a champion's picture, you will be able to configure his smartcasts, or enable/disable his configuration without having to open the SmartCast Switcher window.

Do not forget that this configuration will remains active until you disable it or change it to a new one from the SmartCast Switcher window.

Note: If you use non standard hotkeys for normal casting (usually Q, W, E and R), configure your own hotkey by clicking the corresponding letter on the top of the list. change hotkey

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How to contact me (for bug reports/messages/insults/suggestions...) ?
fjxokt [at] gmail (point) com

Or follow these official threads :
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Riot official post
English :
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Riot official post (na)
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How can I help ?
I am looking for generous volunteers who could translate the program in the following languages: portuguese, polish, greek or any other languages not supported yet !
I can't launch LCB !
Make sure a recent version of Java (1.5+) is installed on your computer.
For Linux users, you will have to execute the LoLBuilds jar file.
Some pictures are missing !
Try restarting the program several times to see if the missing files are downloaded. If not, try to run the program with administrator rights.
The updater doesn't work
Try to run the program with administrator rights.
[Mountain Lion users] The program cannot be opened, move it to the Trash
How to fix this :
  • Go to system preference, security and privacy and in general change allow applications from mac app store identified and developers to anywhere
  • Start up LCB
  • Once it is open and working, change your allow applications settings back to mac appstore identified and developers